Ayurveda Treatment in Kerala during Monsoon

The prime reason Kerala is capturing the interest of International travellers during monsoon season, is NOT the cool climate, the vibrant waterfalls, rivers and lakes or the natural exuberance of herbs and medicinal plants in its rich flora. Its an age old tradition known as the ‘Karkidaka Chikitsa’ or ‘Monsoon Ayurveda’ as its widely known that has won admirers from all over the globe.

Karkidaka Chikitsa or Monsoon Ayurveda

Mother Nature has her own subtle ways of revealing love towards us. Throughout the rainy season, when little rain beads from the heavens bounce off the ground, the sky provides an impression of a separated mother that is shedding tears of joy on seeing her long lost beloved children. A little kid in us who is lost in ages of maturity all of a sudden pops out when he sees the inviting down pour. The temptation to leap in and soak in the embrace of the raindrops showered by mother nature is irresistible.


Kerala, with her eco-friendly pastures at its ideal best, is the most charming destination in India during wet season. The cool environment, the dynamic waterfalls, rivers and lakes as well as the all-natural vitality of natural herbs and medicinal plants in its rich flora, during rains make Kerala an alluring location to go to, during the Monsoon.

However, the prime reason Kerala is fast capturing the attention of tourists during monsoon season is none of the above. Its an age old tradition known as the ‘Karkidaka Chikitsa’ or ‘Monsoon Ayurveda’ as its widely known that has won admirers from all over the globe.

Rain and humidity, that bring that explainable feeling of happiness from deep within and the joy of the vibrant life and colors outside; also brings with it the challenge of diseases. The immunity of the body is tested more than during other seasons. And our ancestors devised a beautiful tradition to use these  times of utmost challenge to our benefit. The now widely followed Karkidaka chikitsa or Monsoon Ayurveda, enhances our immune system and empowers our physical and emotional being through a series of profound strategies that include lifestyle modifications, ayurvedic treatments, healing diet, reading scriptures, yoga and meditation etc etc.

Lots of seekers from across the globe have benefited from this mystical tradition, even though the monsoon season period is specific to Kerala. The transformation from within that is induced by these practises have long reaching benefits in life and revitalizes ones physical and emotional being.

The regime that is best suited for an individual to follow during this monsoon tradition is ideally planned under the guidance and supervision of an experienced healer who will assess the mind body type, current health status including any existing diseases and weak aspects which need attention and support to prevent future aggravation.

Monsoon Ayurveda programs are offered by almost all Ayurveda centres in Kerala. You can research and choose a centre that fits the category of your preference. Make sure to reserve your spot well in advance, as most ayurvedic centres in kerala get fully booked out months ahead for Karkidaka Chikitsa.